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Collection: Contact Lenses

We offer the latest technology in contact lenses which allows us to fit many more prescriptions than in the past: contact lens fitting and dispensing of a wide variety of soft and rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. These include daily wear disposable lenses, toric contact lenses for astigmatism, tinted or colored lenses, high oxygen silicone-hydrogel contacts, or even special custom orders. We will assure you the best possible vision and comfort so you can achieve a next level visual potentiality.

Digital Free Form Lenses: Digital Free form technology is new technology that could transform the way you see forever. It is called “Free-Form” technology to make digital lenses. Its digital computerized method that uses computer-aided design and developing to make high-level, tailored eye glass lenses with your sole prescription.It is similar like as you select particular pant and have it customized to fit your specific measurements, the same way you can now have lenses made personalized for your exact prescription and frames.

Daily disposable contact lenses present excellent convenience and no lens care – just wear them one time and throw them away! As you use it just once, they are the healthiest contact lenses. Those who are suffering from any allergy should go for it.

Toric contact lenses for astigmatism: Toric contact lenses are considered to accurate astigmatism in your recommendation. Advancement in lens technology has resulted in lenses that can not only correct your vision to an extremely soaring standard, but also give excellent comfort and solidity of vision.

Tinted or Colored Lenses: When you want to change your eye colour, coloured contact lenses can be helpful. It is designed in such manner that it not only corrects your vision but also change your eye colour. Colours which were available today are very natural. You can wear coloured lenses in zero power so that you can change the color of your eyes according to your choice. One can wear coloured lenses if you don’t want to wear glasses.

High Oxygen Silicone-Hydrogel Contacts: High oxygen silicone-hydrogel contacts Lenses can transmit six to seven times more oxygen through to your eyes comparatively conventional soft contact lenses. They can be easily handled due to its greater rigidity of the lenses. They are less prone to drying out and are more resistant to protein deposits.

Special Custom Contact Lens: We also offer you customized contact lenses according to your choice and requirements.

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