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Next Level Optical offers the city of Miami a full-service and trendy health care optical facility. It is equipped with the most advanced technology used in the correction of refractive errors. We use an Optimized Wavefront Refraction (“OWRx”) process, which is a simplified, digitized and individualized examination.

Our Board Certified professionals offer WaveForm personalized and digitally handled lenses to guarantee precision and outstanding quality of service. The OWRx Digital Eye Exam analyzes sight using advanced WaveForm technology to collect data, detect and quantify high order of aberrations, minimizes the circle of least confusion by calculating the best prescription possible.

For the first time in Miami, Next Level Optical will provide an easy alternative to the traditional subjective examination which may cause misinterpretations: “Which is better, one or two?”


Next Level Optical goes around the world to bring the city of North Miami Beach the best brands, the best styles and best quality eye wear for the most affordable prices guaranteed, including sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Now with our digital freeform lenses known to be a back surface design with single point precision it allows us to create an aspheric design that reduces distortions and improves peripheral vision.

Our patients benefit from minimal eye fatigue, reduced glare, better contrast, enhanced visual acuity, improved color vision, and no halos or blurring with the view to enabling them to reach the next level of their vision’s potential.